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IMEI : 013631003584874
Unlock code :  SerialNumber :F17KLDMSDTWD WarrantyStatus :Out Of Warranty (No Coverage) DaysRemaining :0 EstimatedPurchaseDate : 05/22/13 PurchaseCountry :Norway ProductDescription : iPhone 5 ConfigDescription :IPHONE 5,BLACK,16GB,GSM Find my iPhone :On Activation Details Infos imeiNumber :013631003584874 firstUnbrickDate :05/22/13 lastUnbrickDate :05/22/13 unbricked :true unlocked : false productVersion :8.0 initialActivationPolicyDetails :Norway Telenor. appliedActivationDetails :Norway Telenor. nextTetherPolicyDetails :Norway Telenor.

the red place is the carrier "next thether policy"

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